The atmosphere of being not alone is definitely part of the experience. The First and Second Seasons of the Cup were very eventful we have a lot of traditions and memes symbols.

LPR Cube


If there is a question about who is the main LPR Cup symbol, most participants immediately answer that it is a Cube,
which later became LPR Cube. But first things first. 


First Season


Before the Second Season a participant of the First Season of the Cup and now a member of the Jury, Vanya Doroshenko said: "I really don't want us to sink into self-replays. It can be like with bands that shot one album and that's it." And yes, we don't want that either (and it won't happen, we promised you). But the comparison with the band is gorgeous and the problem about the Cube was our Smells like teen spirit, Bohemian Rhapsody or Annie.

Attention! There are the spoilers of the Second Episode of the First Season of the LPR Cup. If you haven't seen solved it yet, then we recommend moving on to the Second Season.


Fun fact. The original version of the problem was pretty different. More rough-sounding, Honest, without unnecessary data about from and where the charge moved in the field of the conducting Cube. But after reading the conditions by sound producer, a wonderful professor and author of some problems from the First Season of the Cup, Mikhail Nikolayevich Osin, it became the same as it was in the Second Round (yes, now you know who you can thank for this wonderful and unnecessary information). 


Another fun fact. We always test our tasks on friends and the jury. And they couldn’t make it. Only thanks to this fact, the Cube and the Cup have met. Imagine the emotions when you give a pretty difficult problem for an audience of half a thousand people. And it is solved in three lines. This can be decided only after the gold medalists of the International Physics Olympiad failed to solve this problem. And what it's like to see the first correct solution in 40 minutes after the start of the tour. And to muse about it. And the next day to see only a couple of correct solutions and understand that this is a one-hundred-percent hit.


Why did we decide to dwell on this problem? It's simple. It defined the style of everything that happens around the problem on each round. And it’s safe to say that the style of the LPR Cup was formed by the Cube. For example, during this tour the First Hint began to look the way we want it to. Both the participants and the jury were freaked out by this phrase: "The result does not depend on the trajectory of charge movement" (although KLM still believes that the hint is wonderful and informative). But the LPR Cup is about changing the format and going beyond it.


That's how Cube was born. 


Second Season


After the announcement of the start of the Second Season of the LPR Cup we got several messages that if there is no problem about the Cube, then the Cup shouldn’t be started. And we could not deceive our listener, and again in the Second Episode, the participants of the Cup met with the Cube. Right then for the first time, the Cube filled the entire space of the LPR Cup. During the tour, wherever there was LPR Cup it was replaced with LPR Cube. The changes were in the telegram channel, chat and Google classes. And the most important thing is that a separate account in the telegram, who answered the questions of the Cup participants and was named LPR Cup, also became LPR Cube. And got an avatar, which you can see below. He entered the chat like that. And said he was an LPR Cube. And that his character is persistent and Nordic.


After the end of the Episode all the names came back. And only the account of the chief assistant of the LPR Cup participants remained LPR Cube. Later it turned out that he has a very multifaceted personality. And the whole question is, which side are you talking to. So around the Fourth Episode of the LPR Cup, it turned out that one of the faces is Lady Cube. And the faces can talk to each other. However, this does not happen often.


That's how LPR Cube was born.


Third Season


As Vanya said, we should not slide into self-repetitions and should continue to develop the genre. And we are already doing it. But each band should listen not only to itself, but also to its listener. This time, the participants were no longer worried about the problem about the Cube, because the LPR Cup Jury is always attentive to the participants of our Olympiad. And this time we decided to start with everyone's favorite hit. Even with a slightly different arrangement.

Cheburashka Voodoo

It was the year 2020

When everything had just begun

Once upon a time

Do you know what was the funniest thing for Arina Kuznetsova (largely thank her the Cup is existing) when we started to reread the info on the LPR Cup site? This part:


"4. The whole week for one problem. Will they be hellish coffins?

Problems will be different. Although the tasks are already completed, we make the olympiad in real-time. So we have an opportunity to get feedback from you during the olympiad and do not use it. We will track how you deal with the problems and try to regulate their difficulty to keep it interesting."


That is because when we announced the Cup for all the country and abroad we had only the "Cube" problem (the Second Episode for 10-11/11-12 grades), a draft of the "No reasons to hesitate" (the Fourth Episode of an 11/12 grade), very draft that later became the "Coda" (the last Episode of 10-11/11-12 grades), and several Andrey Uymin's problems. That's it. Some say it is enough but not for us.  That is why we named the first round "If it limps, it goes". But probably it would be better to call it "Madness and courage".


However, the Cup has a lot of friends. And a lot of them agreed to participate in the Cup as authors and allowed us to use their problems as one of the Episodes. One of those authors was the lecturer of the MIPT theoretical physics department and IPP RAS senior researcher Melnikovsky Lev Alexandrovich. He is the one who gave us the problems originally called "The Drum" (the Third Episode of the 10 grade). If you read it you should come to the next questions. Where is the Crocodile Gena? And what is that strange drum skin? Those questions were in everybody's minds. Foreign participants had another question: “I’m sorry, but what is Cheburashka?” 


When we were working on the Second Hint, as one of the parts of the alternative problems there was a "Wood's mirror" problem  (the second part of an alternative problem which was about the mirror of the famous physicist Robert Wood). So, it was the moment we realized, the problem should not be called "The Drum", but "Cheburashka Voodoo". 


That could be the end of our fantastically long-read story. But there is one more moment why the LPR Cup team loves the Cheburashka Voodoo.


Everybody wants to get merch. Absolutely everyone waits for the merch nobody saw. And the merch is really cool. 10 Cups out of 10. And it cost a lot of effort for our team. At some point, Koldunov was ready to cancel the clothes thing because the ideas were not applicable for the Cup concept. And it would have happened if not the luck. Did we mention the Cup has a lot of friends? One of them is the MIPT student and a lecturer of our Physics Department (and just a good man) Rinat Valiev. Nobody knew he is a brilliant artist who clearly understood the LPR Cup style. Absolutely all of the merch was made by him. And the best drawing is the Cheburashka Voodoo. Here it is. You can see it. It is also on the gray hoodie and stickers which are delivered (will be?) to all of the LPR Cup first season participants.


In the Second Season Cheburashka was not so lucky, but we agreed it is not the Voodoo one but its good twin brother, who has two symmetrical ears.

The First Hint


The First Hint is a sacral thing for all of the participants of the LPR Cup. This is the only reason for the LPR Cup to exist. The jury tried to find it thoroughly since the First Hint is elusive even in the jury's eyes. The participants wait for it so much because it will be the key to all of their questions they had before but they will not get it. People who do not participate in the LPR Cup love the First Hint because right after its publication the sky turns bright and shiny even if it was night.


How to use the First Hint? Don't take it too close to your heart. The First Hint helps to solve but it is not a hint. It is just the First Hint. It is a subtle thing, you can only feel it but it cannot be understood. When you understand the First Hint and become filled with its wisdom only then you realize all its meaning. All. Meaning. Of. LPR. Cup. Jury



Firstly, a little shock. The LPR Cup is not the olympiad where you should solve the problem one week. While you are rereading the previous sentence we explain. The LPR Cup is the olympiad which provide one problem per week. But it doesn't mean it is so hard it will require the whole week to be solved. Someone may solve it in an hour, some during the day, some may never solve it. But Cup participants should have something more since time between problems is quite big. And we can do that only by providing you with unreadable long-reads positive info. This is why we provide you with morning and evening news from the LPR Cup Jury. And that is why the CPI was created. 


What worries the participants of the Cup the most? When will the merch come The number of right and wrong solutions to this or that problem. And we decided to publish exactly this information at least once a day. CPI stands for Correct, Part and Incorrect. In other words this is the total number of Corrects, Parts and Inorrect's received for this or that item. Moreover, if one participant sent several incorrect solutions, they are still summed up. Therefore, the number of Corrects cannot exceed the number of participants, in contrast to the numbers of Part and Inorrect.


A curious glance will notice that the rules say that you can get Full, Part and Incorrect for the same task. Therefore, it would seem that the abbreviation should be FPI, and we have it CPI. Does the question arise? How so? And we have a simple answer to that.


It was just historically established.


Honestly, we don't now when the 'Full' changed to the 'Correct'. But we decided that this is good enough to be true, and asked participants in a survey to say what the CPI is for them. We found the results of that survey from the past and attached it in a separate file


At the end we would say that CPI is now in everyday life of the Jury LPR Cup and we couldn't not mention it in the merch. CPI can be found among the stickers and on the grey hoodie. 


That's it. 

Cup Locations

One of the main motives of the Cup which is interesting only to KLM is The participants travel together with the jury. In this journey, we find merch new and wonderful places where all participants of this process later spend their free time. And this section is dedicated to this geography of the Cup.



Without the chat, there will be no Cup. After all, the goal of the Cup is to unite people who love physics and are in different parts of the world. And without the chat it would be impossible. Yes, it can be noisy and there is a lot of flooding. During the entire existence of the Cup, they have already asked "Where is Merch?" 2138 times and they count manuls and everything that looks like them to insane numbers. But only here Roma will send photos of cats at the right moment, Oleg will kudos all the messages, and Leshka will say "lol". Only here will be more than a thousand jokes based on a complex wordplay, and hundreds of jokes about Stirlitz, who thought about the main thing. Here you can find out that according to the Russian Post, Mordovia is abroad and what CPI really is. Here, dozens of participants will change their nicknames to all combinations of Greek letters, and DGAP students will talk to you on a variety of topics. Here they will rejoice at new problems, be angry with the formulation of the First Hint and wait for solutions or analysis. Yes, it is often difficult to keep track of the chat. Sometimes it's even impossible. But sometimes it's enough just to rewind to the current point and start. Because what is happening now is important for the chat. And it's not so important what happened before.


LPR Cup Channel

It's hard to imagine now but the Cup didn't have one in the First Season. He appeared just before the Second Season and immediately became one of the most important points on the Cup map. All the most important information that cannot be missed because you don't want to read the chat you will definitely find here. From the comments on the conditions, organization of competitions, morning and evening news of the LPR Cup Jury and reminders about deadlines, to harsh longreads memories and reflections of the LPR Cup Jury about what is going on the LPR Cup is. Here you will find the entire retrospective of the Second and following Seasons of the Cup. This is our chronicle. And all you need is Scroll down to read this.



Apparently, the average LPR Cup participant is a gambler. You can still periodically see how some participants are trying to spin a one-armed bandit or roll the dice in the Cup chat. And they have no luck with it, because we have HIM. The one who keeps order in the chat. But we could not leave the Cup participants without their favorite fun and made them a separate chat without communication. But with spinning a one-armed bandit till the appearance of a jackpot!



To be honest, telling you about it is a little bit scary, because we are afraid of local memes that we’ve forgotten. But we have this bot. And maybe it even works. And you can upload new memes there. And choose the best. Despite the fact that the best meme is always in the future.